About company

  We have been in the market of ceramic items since 1994.
  Our main activity is the production of hand-made
  candle-houses in more than 800 different styles,with sizes of
  varying from 3cm to 120cm.
  The houses are devided into several groups according to their height.
  The first letter of the codes indicates the height of the house.

   The main groups are:



  All our products are hand made.That is why each item is unique,has 
  its own spirit and radiates the creators love and hand warmth.The quality and originality of
  the product are in the centre of our attention.

  Our designers use their imagination to constantly expand our catalogue.They can also create customised  items
  using photos supplied by clients and are even ready to create a mini-model of the house of your dreams.
  We can adapt the candle houses to the electric light at clients request.
  Also we can attach special vessels for aroma oils, which when heated by the candle
  light gives out a pleasant smell.

  Our candle houses make a perfect present for the house-warming party,
  a newly married couple or  for Christmas decorations.

  Lithuanian red clay is our main production material. All material used in production meet
  European quality standards.